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Rules and Guidelines to [ The Shared Forums ]

Ok, here are some rules and guidelines for our forums. Everybody should read through these to know the do's and don't's of our forums and answer some of your questions.

#1: No warez, No Serials, no [k]racks. This is clear, and it is the first rule for a reason. Besides being wrong, piracy also gets us in legal trouble. After multiple warnings, this will result in banning.
#2: Search around before asking a question. A great place to search is google, you should also use the Search tool on the forums to see if anyone has already asked you question, another good place to look would be the Mac Hacking Knowledge Base. If after trying all of these you can't find an answer or any help, Post nicely asking if anyone can help you, use a clear topic and give as much detail as possible. If your question is forum related, check the built-in FAQ/Help files.
#3: Don't make unnecessary posts. The worst thing to do is answer a post when you don't know the answer to their question, it is much better to just keep quiet or go search for an answer yourself and then post the answer and explain/teach everyone how you did it.
#4: Be clear. Have a very direct and narrowed-down subject on your post, use the second line for more description. If you act childish and post stuff like "hack this hotmail account!!!" or any similar questions, you will lose all respect from people, probably get no replies or just insults from others, and your post may just get locked or deleted.
#5: Post your topic in the best forum, don't just immediately post anything you want in General Chat, post it in the forum which it is best fit for. New members should post in the Newbie Forum until you get some basic knowledge. Topics may be moved by admins or moderators if they find another forum to better suit the topic.
#6: Be respectful. We will not tolerate any disrespect between any of our members, difference of opinions is fine, but don't cross the line. If you feel like doing so, take it outside our forums.
#7: Respect the Staff, warnings are usually to help you personally and we try to be discrete and just send you a PM. We have conversations about any members that are questionable in our staff forum, in which any moderator can bring up banning someone, or making them a moderator.

All of these Rules/Guidelines are very important. As mentioned in some of the rules, banning is an option, though we have only had about 3 people banned since we started, and we only use this as a last resort.

You might find more personal guidelines in individual forums, like hacker ethics or newbie help in the Newbie forum, etc.

Please be sure to comply with the Signature Rules in your signature and try to keep the forum clean. Be sure to also give our Stylistic Guidelines a quick look.

Thanks for everything, and if you have any questions on any of these feel free to PM any of the moderators.

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